What is PROFIT Crypto

A crypto currency made for you, based on Proof of Space and Time (PoST) from Chia(tm) and Proof of Balance (PoB), and having the following Tokenomics:

  • 4608 blocks per 24 hours target
  • 3 year halving
  • Token symbol: PROFIT

Transactions are fast, on average a transaction block happens in just a little under 1 minute and the network is rated at 25 Transactions per second.

The coin set model is used (similar to Bitcoin’s UTXO) to track the blockchain’s state, solving a lot of issues with account based blockchains like Ethereum.

Smart Contracts based on ChiaLisp from Chia(tm) with 100% compatibility with the existing developers community.

Why PROFIT Crypto?

The goal of PROFIT Crypto is to build the most profitable PoST and PoB project. We aim to became a successful, green store-of-value coin. We recognize that farmers are in this space, and have invested into their farming equipment to name a profit, so we are building a platform to make that possible.

We will work hard to make farming us worthwhile and interesting. We will strive to make our community welcoming and a place to learn and grow in the crypto space.

We intend to get listed on a major exchange to ensure our farmers can trade their coins against pairs including USDT, BTC and ETH. We also intend to bridge the PROFIT chain to Binance and Ethereum smart chains, and to open up the world of DeFi to our farmers and investors. The goal is that everyone is able to stake their PROFIT coins on these chains.

As our coin value increases, we will work to secure finance to fund a liquidity pool in DeFi so that all our farmers and investors can make huge profits daily. So, get in early to maximize your profits — join us today and let’s build something wonderful together!

PROFIT Crypto Roadmap

  • March 2022
    (or 0 PiB Net Space)
    Mainnet Launch

  • May 2022
    (or 250 PiB Net Space)
    Bridge to Binance Smart Chain

  • July 2022
    (or 400 PiB Net Space)
    Activation of Swaps, Yield farming and other DeFi dApps features

  • September 2022
    (or 500 PiB Net Space)
    Top Quality Centralized Exchange Listing

  • November 2022
    (or 750 PiB Net Space)
    Launch of Games and other Applications on Profit Blockchain

Farming PROFIT Crypto

  1. Get the Profit client.
    Build the application from source from our GitHub Repository, or download the executable for your operating system.

  2. Add compatible plot files (from Chia), or create new plot files.
  3. Stake PROFIT coins — buy a pack of PROFIT coins.

Proof of Balance Farming Efficiency

You must stake your PROFIT coins, otherwise you will get a very bad farming yield, only 5% efficiency is achieved with no coins added as Proof of Balance.

You get your PROFIT coins to start by:

Farming PROFIT with 5% efficiency is going to take much longer than expected as per your estimated time to win displayed on the Profit Client application.

PROFIT Crypto Coin Packs

  • Submit a [1 XCH for 1 SBX] offer, and get 100 PROFIT coins
  • Submit a [10 XCH for 1 SBX] offer, and get 1200 PROFIT coins (20% bonus)
  • Submit a [100 XCH for 1 SBX] offer, and get 15000 PROFIT coins(50% bonus)

NOTE: Only offers for 1, 10 or 100 XCH for 1 SBX are accepted. So for instance, if you want to order 300 PROFIT coins, then you’ll need to create 3 different 1 XCH for 1 SBX offers.

Creating offer files to buy PROFIT Coin Packs

  1. If not already installed, please install the Chia version 1.3 client application from https://www.chia.net/download/. This is the minimum version with an XCH wallet that supports creating offer files.
  2. NOTE: Offers might take several hours to process from Saturday 19th March 2022 – Monday 21st March 2022 while we do some maintenance on our website infrastructure. But rest assured, you will receive your purchased PROFIT coins.
  3. Transfer XCH to the CHIA WALLET.
  4. Click on ADD TOKEN, then select to add SpaceBucks (SBX).
  6. Enter your Offer exchange parameters, then click on the SAVE OFFER button. Screenshot of a sample offer is shown below:
  7. Rename the generated offer file (for example, 1XCH_x_1SBX.offer) to [your PROFIT Receive Address].offer
    For example: profit1y3a3oas1kuf1mj8purf5205ab4kgj8ont567005nfwf0bu.offer
    (NOTE: You can obtain your PROFIT Receive Address from the Wallet section of PROFIT client. Download the Profit client).
  8. Click on CLOSE.
    Important: do not share your offer to anyone but PROFIT CRYPTO
  9. Drag and Drop, or Upload your renamed offer file into the box below:

    Once we process the offer, a transaction will be executed on the Chia blockchain for which you would have paid the XCH amount, and we would have sent 1 SBX to your Chia wallet (as per your offer attributes). We will also send your ordered PROFIT coin pack amount to your PROFIT wallet using the address from your offer filename. (You will be able to confirm this PROFIT transaction on the Profit blockchain).